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Chaos Magic Space


 T3ā part of ‘i'm neither nor but another secret third thing’ an exhibition featuring the work of two artists,

Kerolaina Linkeviča and Yifan He.

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Poster for ‘i'm neither nor but another secret third thing’ by Kerolaina Linkeviča


Chaos Magic Space overview, Kerolaina Linkeviča (left), Yifan He (right)


A deeper dive into the watery sigil being T3ā which I created for Chaos Magic Space exhibition titled ‘I am neither nor but another secret thing’.


process and research;

Following the spring equinox I found myself being submerged in vivid dreams and calls for transformation. I hibernated the awakening and the empowerment of acknowledging my personal truth (out of many complex factors).

Once I found the strength to wake dreams into “reality” I gravitated towards empowering and meaningful sources such as water epistemology, ancestral (Baltic) symbolism and chaos magic to help me transition into my next iteration of selves.

An embodiment of T3ā (altar space for Transformation) was created as a reminder and in aid of our individual and collective growth. From the membrane to the clay body T3ā echoes and calls for transformation. Flowing water washes the calcified experiences that cling to their body, fortifying wisdom and transmuting beyond - mirroring our fluid expansion. This process includes mourning irreversible losses and allowing the tears to be washed into a prismatic pool of existence.

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Water is a key element in my work, representing both a physical and symbolic source of life|death and transformation. My creativity and aesthetic decisions are primarily navigated through collaboration with water; attempting to flow into a source of ‘thinking with’ water and imagining its wishes. Ritual setting and repetitive/ meditative forms of art help facilitate thinking with other energy, this is why ceramics, embroidery, rendering by hand or computer dominates my creative process.


In Latvian Paganism , water is an important symbol of life, renewal, and purification. It is believed to have a powerful spiritual significance and is often associated with the goddess Laima, who is the goddess of fate and destiny. She is closely associated with water, as water is seen as a symbol of life, renewal, and purification. In many Latvian folktales, Laima is depicted as living near or in bodies of water, such as rivers, lakes, and the sea.



Laima is often depicted as a weaver of the threads of fate, and water is seen as a metaphorical weaving tool, as it flows and moves in a continuous, circular motion. This connection between Laima and water emphasizes the cyclical nature of life, death, and rebirth, and suggests that Laima has the power to guide individuals through the cycles of fate.


Water is also an important element in many rituals and ceremonies dedicated to Laima. For example, water is often used in purification rituals, where participants will wash themselves in natural bodies of water or with water that has been blessed or consecrated by a priest or shaman. This is done to purify the body and spirit, as well as to invoke Laima's blessings and protection.

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In connecting each part of the standing sculpture together I decided to create ribbons/ belts not only as support but as a way to embellish and show my appreciation of the sculpture by gifting it time and attention. Inspired by Latvian woven ribbons, also known as Latvian sashes or belts, are traditional woven textiles that are an important part of Latvian folk costume and cultural heritage. These ribbons are typically made using a technique called "straume" or "straumes tehnikā" in Latvian, which involves weaving colorful patterns into a narrow ribbon using a loom.


Patterns woven into the ribbons are often passed down from generation to generation, and can vary in style and meaning depending on the region, family, or occasion. Latvian woven ribbons are traditionally worn as sashes or belts, and are an important component of Latvian folk costume, which is still worn on special occasions and festivals.


I decided to embroider sigils for ‘growth’ ‘strength on the satin ribbons; as I found strength aid in the passing through growth/change/ chaos who hold hands with transformation. Like hand poking, I tattooed these symbols onto my ankles and onto the ribbons which adorn T3ā.

IMG_3230 2.JPG

visual description;

Amidst a realm of swirling mists which gather from the incense and beeswax candles stands a vertical ceramic sculpture. Delicate purple light traces the contours of the sculpture as the black clay and all the accessories merge with the black walls, creating a phantom like presence. It is a place where the very essence of the elements seems to merge, creating a wondrous vision as you move closer.


influenced by the concept of indefinite epistemology, which holds that knowledge is not fixed or static ( alike water epistemology), but rather constantly evolving and contingent upon social, cultural, and historical context. You inspect the textured surface of the flowing abstract symbols. Water flows with gentle grace, curving and rippling across the ceramics with soothing energy. The accompanying children ceramics stand beside the main. Water on the surface of the shell pool lightly tapping the ceramics to produce a light bell sound.


As the water dances and swirls, it becomes a moment for the magic that imbues this realm to be called into action through viewers participation , weaving intricate patterns and enchanting spells.


And there, amidst this world of fluid energy and mystical enchantment, the ceramic sculptures reside. Ceramics smooth, flowing lines and intricate curves seem to capture the very essence of the magic and water that surrounds them.


T3ā seems to emanate a subtle energy that whispers of secrets and wonders beyond our realm of understanding, a gentle reminder of the more than human world and our potential for transformation and interconnectedness of all

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