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Spur World (2021)

IlI world link: - Spur World Digital exhibition hosted online, realised using Unity.

Across workshops, collaboration, and mentorship the fourteen SPUR residents explore the boundaries of their digital practice through a pseudo identity. In the culmination of this period of research and exchange, SPUR.WORLD employs the avatars’ speculative look in forming digital identity and environment.

Consisting of fourteen virtual worlds, the online exhibition represents the subconscious domain of the residents' custom avatars. Working within themes and representations of mysticism, ritual, and the natural world, the collective utilises game engine technology to form complex yet cohesive narratives.


Housed within SPUR.BOT, a software derived creature with tentacles expanding throughout the network, the exhibition expands from its unearthly central hub. Developed in Unity, a cross-platform 3D game engine, each world is constructed as a three-dimensional interactive environment. 


A few details from IlI's World


IlI is the entity whom was birthed during my time with Spur.

IlI resides in the 'Imaginal', exploring the trans-ecologies of consciousness. Their fluid body traced by prismatic membranes, phasing and catching light in the depths of the psyche, appears to me through dream, meditation or in ecstatic states. 

I embodied IlI in a virtual-ecology through an auto-ethnographic cross-disciplinary methodology. They reside within a sacred cave encircled by devotional virtual-sculpts; ritual tools, votive sculptures and totemic pillars, which womblike protect the dancing IlI. 

My essay 'Symbiotic Ontologies, Imaginal Embodiment & The Ecology of Artificial Realities' can be read by interacting with the open book which rests atop the central altar.

Spur Core World Builders :
Benjamin Hall 
Niamh Lynch 
Jordan Edge 
Arieh Frosh 
Nicholas Delap 
Nuka Nayu 
Sade Arellano 
Kerolaina Linkevica 
Emma Dolan 
Kinnari Saraiya 
Elijah Kennedy 
00 Zhang 
Ellie Towers 
Yifan He

Joey Holder

Head of Public Programme:
Julia Greenway

Creative Producer:
Megan Broadmeadow

Produced by: Chaos Magic, Omsk Social Club, D-Unit.

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