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'Born in Daugavpils, Latvia, Kerolaina Linkevica migrated to the UK at ten years old and now lives and works in Newcastle upon Tyne. Her childhood was deeply rooted in the forest, animism, folk magic and a multiverse of computer games, which inform her multi-disciplinary practice in the UK today.

Her current practice explores the artefacts of Goddess-centred societies through ceramics and digital technologies. Kerolaina seeks to inspire others to explore their origins, environments and the metamorphic ecologies of their inner worlds through making, questing and play: towards the reclamation of agency and enacting of personal transformation.

Primordia (2022) is an immersive online work that invites you to explore three worlds inspired by Kerolaina’s research into Goddess worship, and her personal experiences of ancestral belief systems passed through the maternal line of her Latvian ancestors and family. Each world offers an exploration into the femme-focussed prehistoric ancestries that preface the common patriarchal structures and narratives perpetuated within modern society, to encourage an inclusive rethinking of our sense of belonging.'


- FACT Liverpool, 2022


Primordia (2022) Creative Process 

Link to the artwork below.

World 1 - 2.png
World 2 - 1.png
World 3 - 3.png


Primordia (2022) by Kerolaina Linkevica a commission by FACT Liverpool in collaboration with Hervisions.

Part of FACT Together - 'Radical Ancestry' programme

Enter the game at:

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