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3D Sculpts (2021)

3D printed sculpt, followed by a selection of 3D Sculpts, created using Zbrush and Blender. 

A variety of digital relics summoned from the 'Mundus Imaginalis' realm, some rendered and transferred into the physical realm through 3D printing. 

What is the Imaginal/ Mundus Imaginalis?

'The ‘Imaginal’ as explored by Henry Corbin in his essay ‘Mundus Imaginalis’ aided by the translations of Islamic Theosophers and Arabic and Persian texts, is a world that is as ontologically real as the physical world. It is a reality of its own, which exists on a different plane to this world. Unfortunately from the vantage point of many contemporaneous perspectives, it is regretfully most commonly perceived through its inferred absence; to be both invisible and inaudible. But it is here, both within you, within the room in which you read this text and beyond us, our conceptions of time and space and our desperate attempts to prove stable truths in a world of change. The imaginal is an expansive rooted system which can be accessed through cognitive function - primarily through imaginative power, movement and creative force; A holographic ecology in which we may interact and transform, it and our selves.


It is not to be disregarded as ‘fantasy’, as the imaginal is not simply an ‘outpour of imaginings’, it is one of the dimensions often defined as immaterial in contradistinction to the monopoly that materialist rationality exerts at this point in the timeline. The imaginal has a corporeality, temporality and spaciality of its own, that exists within the ontological pluralities of an ancient and expansive metaphysics. One that encourages agency, collaboration and transformation. That never disappeared despite its being forgotten, ridiculed or denied. ‘Fantasy’ is often used as a dismissive term in the intelligible/materialist rationalist world to denigrate the potentiality of imaginal spiritual experiences and their implications, to the great loss of a huge spectra of human experience.' 

(Excerpt from Symbiotic Ontologies, Imaginal Embodiment & the Ecology of Artificial Realities)

My current focus is to interact with the Imaginal through the means suggested above, recording my findings and rendering the visions in digital software.

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